Terrified Of Driving? Here’s Some Helpful Info To Get You Behind The Wheel

If you are terrified of getting behind the wheel of a car, there may be some help. First, it's important to find out if you have a true phobia and/or an anxiety disorder. With a proper diagnosis, you can get the help you may need to overcome your fear of driving. Here's what you need to know. Phobias and anxiety disorders associated with driving and vehicles The symptoms of phobias and anxiety disorders are similar. Read More 

5 Ways To Reduce Your Child’s Aggression At Preschool

It is natural for toddlers to display aggressive behavior as they develop. Biting, kicking, pinching or clawing, hitting, and temper tantrums are common acts of aggression, and they tend to peak during the early preschool years. While it can be difficult to deal with aggressive behavior at home, you may assume that you have little or no control over aggressive behavior while your child is at preschool. However, there are several things that you can do to reduce your child's aggression at preschool and help them get through their aggressive phase to a more cooperative, empathetic phase. Read More 

Want To Be A Nurse? How To Enroll In A BSN Undergraduate Program

If your Catholic upbringing and faith drives you to help other people overcome their health problems and illnesses, you may wish to pursue a career in nursing. Catholic universities and colleges offer undergraduate programs that teach you the fundamentals of nursing care, including how to educate and treat clients with potentially life-threatening illnesses. In addition, you develop the skills needed to move forward in your career as a nurse practitioner, midwife and some other advanced discipline while upholding the values and ethics of your faith. Read More 

7 Physical Requirements For Getting A Private Pilot’s License

If you're considering obtaining a private pilot's license, you probably already know you'll be required to complete a significant amount of groundwork, as well as log actual flying time with a qualified flight instructor in flight school. You may not, however, be aware you'll have to meet certain medical standards before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will issue you a PPL. Private and recreational pilots will have to qualify for Class III medical certificate from the FAA, which must be performed by an authorized FAA medical examiner, and it's advised that you get your certificate before you begin flight training. Read More 

Split Your Twins Or Keep Them Together? The Choice Is Yours

For modern Americans, preschool is the first time they will have to send their children into the world without them. So, they spend their time selecting a safe preschool where their children will be stimulated but not academically overloaded and have the least traumatic milestone as possible. However, as the parent of twins, you have another difficult question to ask yourself: should you separate your twins or keep them in the same class? Read More